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About Certainly Uncertain

Initially inspired by the artist’s heartbreak, Certainly Uncertain is a capsule collection created by Binbin Hong and curated by DDA. In its overarching breadth of works, this collection consists of 2 installations, 9 paintings and 1 multi-media interactive space. In lieu of the sweet and fancy resplendence that Binbin used to cooperate in her previous works, this exhibition embraces a violent rupture of fantasy.

In the language of art, Binbin Hong built a dialogue with the inner half about the nebulous prospect she shared with the boy of uncertainty. Unfortunately, this love story didn’t have a happy ending. “Painting itself is not a difficult task, but to decide whether it’s finished is certainly uncertain”, the artist asserted. The very mood during this journey coincided her experience as a painter. She was lost, confused and denied.

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Contributing Photographer @hobrett

The making of this collection helped Binbin realize it was only important that she remained just Binbin Hong other than Binbin Hong according to anybody else. Works in this collection are almost unrecognizable to her early arts, but it is in this chaotic romance that she became fuller and much stronger. Everybody should find a little bit of themselves in this story.

About Binbin Hong

About Binbin Hong
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Following her enduring passion for fine art, Binbin Hong pursued her education at UAL and RCA. She is an unconfined female artist whose unconventional approach to art remained versatile. She can make an entrance at a party but can also be a wild painter covered in acrylics at work. Finding inspirations from her profound Chinese origins, Binbin’s flairs to interpret Chinese references and East Asia cultures have caught attentions from the western world.

Constantly, 220 x 280 cm, Acrylic, Glitt
The Cutest, The Best, The Greatest, 220
oh litter fairy, 190 x 220 cm, oil and g

About Arts

About Arts
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Crystal Ballshit

"it all started with the crystal ball ... "

step Ⅱ

"regret  ... "

step Ⅰ

"then I wait ... "

step Ⅲ

"repent ..."


7 paintings were finished at the different phases throughout her experience. In chronological order, these paintings put together a fragment of her history with the boy, yet each drawing delivers the mood of a particular moment and tells an individual story respectively.

Time Map
crystal ball