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Triggered by a series of disappointing events, disappointing UNIVERSE’ is dedicated to people who constantly failed my trust, faith and love. I uncannily drew a comparison between their complete lack of awareness in the harm they caused and the nonchalance of a robot. Do you believe a callous machine could be more sensible than humans if programmed accordingly?

Awareness is not understanding. To make sense of an emotion either bring more joy or cost more pain. Humans anticipate, although they were never asked to do so. No one ever failed me perhaps, because I was failed by my own hope. I ask myself what would an AI do? An AI can certainly capture, practice and react to an emotion, but no matter how intelligent it has developed, it may learn but it won’t understand. I think it’s a blessing in disguise to be a machine that’s familiar with emotions but indifferent to attachment. What if emotion is actually artificial? We are nothing more than an AI that acquired emotions as part of our being without making sense of our mood because we simply don’t relate selfishly or mutually. Biology is superficial, and formulation is the future, says Grimes. A machine never expects.  

A machine responds,

A machine records

A machine replicates.

A machine is never disappointed.

*Images & videos produced by DDA, Instagram filter in collaboration with @reto_zarch, robots from Hajime Sorayama

episode 01

" Do you believe a callous machine could be more sensible than humans if programmed accordingly ? "

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episode 02

" It's a blessing in disguise. "

disappointing universe 3.2.jpg

episode 03

" biology is superficial, emotion is artificial. "

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