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L’esthétique de Lumière advertising trailer 
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MAKEOVER project by #DDAimage

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“They are more than a subject to me, they have personalities,” DDA suggested. Devoted to reveal the personality of makeup, L’esthétique de Lumière celebrates DDA’s enduring passion towards beauty. Makeup has their own language. The pattern is the face, the colour whispers the mood and the name identifies the characters. Be it a palette, a stick or a pot, makeup talks.


“The eye has to travel,” Diana Vreeland asserted. Finished by the window instead of studio, the images were nourished from natural lights. “I wanted to employ a vision that gives the makeup the most genuine reflection. I want the images to remain untouched, pure and austere, yet so flattering and attractive, inaccessible yet tempting,” DDA added. 


Vol. 2

Vol. 1

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